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Console.js Hatena bookmark


It is the library which simply does log output with JavaScript. Debugging which is the high function like FireBug is not possible, but it utilizes simply in place of alert method, it is convenient.


Please download from link below.


Console.js is loaded.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./Console.js"></script>

It outputs with print method of Console object. When Hello World is output, it becomes like below.

Console.print("Hello World");

Developing the contents of object, when we would like to see, it transfers true to second argument.

var ext = {
  "javascript": "js",
  "ruby": "rb"
Console.print(ext, true);

The above-mentioned output result becomes like below.

[javascript] => js
[ruby] => rb

When we would not like to utilize Console object, false is substituted to the enabled property.

Console.enabled = false;

Console operation

<The console is made the left-justify
^The console is made the upper moving aside
_The console is made the lower moving aside
>The console is right-justified
)(The console is indicated small
()The console is indicated largely
ClearContents of the console are eliminated
XIt ends the indication of the console


It makes the BSD license. Use of the software (execution) it is free without restriction, but the case of redistribution, with the source code that, it is necessary to include the list disclaimer of copyright notice condition with that binary.